You may register online now or register onsite on Sunday, 9/29, 1-3PM.

Register online NOW

For faster check-in on event day, sign up online:

  1. Register at EventBrite, and …
  2. Print, sign and bring your waivers with you to Fairmeadow on 9/29:
    1. Parents with minor children riding with you must fill out two waivers: PTA Council waiver and a Bike Palo Alto waiver. List all children riding with you on each form please!
    2. Adults over 18 years old fill out the Bike Palo Alto waiver only

Or…register onsite on Sunday 9/29:

Here’s how it will work:

  1. Sign in (or check in if you’re pre-registered).
  2. Hand in completed and signed waiver forms:
    1. Parents fill out and sign two waivers for all minors in your group: one from PTA Council and one from Bike Palo Alto.
    2. Adults over 18 years old fill out one waiver from Bike Palo Alto
  3. Get a hand stamp. Your hand stamp gives you access to treats along the way!
  4. Visit the map table, select one of four routes and pick up your route map.
  5. Stop at the booths and resource tables before you start your ride—see below.
  6. Head out for your Bike Palo Alto adventure!

Booths & resource tables at Fairmeadow – stop by before you start your ride:

  • Helmet fitting – It’s important to get it right!
  • Quick bike check by Summit Bikes – Get a quick mechanical check and adjustments to help keep your bike ride safe and smooth.
  • Bike Index – Register your bike to protect it against loss or theft. This new online system replaces bike licensing by the Palo Alto Police Department. Register your bike now. Stickers will be available to pick up at the event.
  • Trip planning – Get maps and advice from experienced bicyclists about bike routes to work, shopping, parks, and museums–anywhere you might like to go!
  • Stanford Research Park – Bike maps and safety info for everyday riding and FREE backpacks (while they last.)
  • Safe Routes to School – More than half of PAUSD children walk or bike to school every day. Get school route and safety information so you can too!

On The Road

  • First and foremost: Please follow all traffic laws. Bicyclists are expected to follow the same traffic laws as automobile drivers and may be ticketed if they do not. This includes stopping at stop signs and yielding to others who have the right of way.
  • Each route is marked with color-coded arrows to guide you along the way (except The Grand Tour). At each stop you choose, show your hand stamp for free treats and activities.

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