Here are the three routes for Bike Palo Alto 2017, both google map link and a PDF file that you can download for each route.

Downtown Palo Alto, Menlo Park, El Camino Park, and California Ave route. This route takes you on the first Bike Boulevard in the country to downtown parks with the first stop at Heritage Park.  You will then continue to a bridge over San Francisquito creek to Burgess Park in Menlo Park where you will be treated to blender bike smoothies!  You will return over a different bridge next to Palo Alto’s name sake tree, at El Palo Alto Park.  Making your way through El Camino Park, the final stop is at Mollie Stone’s for a treat before returning via the Cal Ave. tunnel and back to El Carmelo School.

Downtown Palo Alto/Menlo Park/El Camino Park Route, google map link 2017
Menlo Park route map and turn by turn directions 2017.pdf

Rinconada Library, Baylands and Ramos Park route.  This route starts off the same as the one above but then turns right at North California ave to the first stop at the Library on Newel.  Experience Palo Alto’s first cycle track as you make your way by Jordan School.  From the Library you will follow Channing and pass Edgewood Plaza to the Bay Lands where The Environmental Volunteers will be hosting an open house and you can enjoy blender bike smoothies to quench your thirst.  The route then continues with the wind down east Bayshore bike trail to the Adobe undercrossing of 101.  From here you will find your way to Ramos Park for the last stop.  From there it is a short ride back to El Carmelo School as you pass through Mitchell Park.

Rinconada Library/Baylands/Ramos Park Route, google map link 2017
Baylands route map and turn by turn directions 2017.pdf

Robles Park, Los Altos, Barron Park route.  Heading south from El Carmelo School you will make your way to Wilkie Way and then to Robles Park.  From here you will take the bike bridge across Adobe creek and to a secret passage to Los Altos Ave that will lead you to the Sweet Shop for a sample of their frozen yogurt.  Winding on some more bike paths you will find yourself at Gunn High School where you will enjoy the Bol Park Bike path that will take you to the third stop in the park.  Continuing from there you will find your way to Hanover street as you head north to Collage Terrace with a view of the Hoover Tower.  Turning right on Stanford ave you will head towards Mollie Stone’s for a final stop before heading back to El Carmelo School via the California ave tunnel.

Robles Park/Los Altos/Barron Park Route, google map link 2017
Los Altos route map and turn by turn directions 2017.pdf

The Grand Tour!  New this year for those more experienced riders is the Grand Tour: a 20 mile route that covers most of the rest stops and interesting bike paths/routes/access points along the way.  Some of you have done this in the past on your own, so here is a map.  This is only for the more experienced riders as this route is not officially marked.  You will have the link to the google map below and a pdf of the same to navigate this grand tour and you must be up for a 20 mile ride (and way-finding).  This route is to be ridden in a clock-wise direction for best result so as you will find the route arrows of the other routes when available.  Not recommended for younger riders.  All Grand Tour riders must start the ride before 2:00 pm.

The Grand Tour! 20 mile loop of Palo Alto, google map link 2017
Grand Tour route map and turn by turn directions 2017.pdf