Back again this year, the Frequent Rider Card will reward you for taking the next step beyond this event by riding your bike (instead of driving) to local stores and entertainment destinations after the event.  This year when you turn in a competed card, the first 100 people will get a t-shirt with the Bike Palo Alto logo and everyone will be entered in a grand prize drawing for a Taste of Palo Alto!

How It Works:

  • During the event, get your Frequent Rider Card (FRC) signed at each treat stop to get your treat.
  • After the ride, each time a you ride to a business and make a purchase, get the sales clerk to enter the date, store and location on a space on the card . One location per day at any business you like.
  • After the 8th ride and purchase, the you can redeem the card with Bike Palo Alto for a Bike Palo Alto t-shirt (first 100 riders only).  Since we are working on the honor system, the FRC will have to be redeemed in person.  Please contact for details.
  • Cards will be given to all participants over the age of 14 while supply lasts, only one card per person.  Cards expire on Nov 18, 2017.
  • Every redeemed FRC card will be entered in the grand prize drawing and the first 100 riders will get an I Bike Palo Alto t-shirt.
  • Grand prize drawing:  All completed cards turned in by Nov. 18, 2017 will be entered in a grand prize drawing for a Taste of Palo Alto; five gift certificates for your favorite biking foods!
  • For extra fun and bragging rights, post a selfie of you at an interesting store or business on our Face Book page FB Bike Palo Alto #bikepaloalto

Now that you know the fun ways to get around Palo Alto, see if you can be inspired to ride your bike for daily errands while leaving the parking and congestion hassles behind. You can get up to four spaces signed off during the Bike Palo Alto event so we have given you a good start – now get started on your biking adventures!

Happy Riding!

A Taste of Palo Alto!

This year we are featuring five fun bike friendly foods to get a “Taste of Palo Alto”; here is how it will work:  from all the cards turned in, five cards will be drawn at random.  The first card drawn will get first pick of the five prizes listed below.  The second card drawn will get to pick from the remaining prizes until all the prizes are awarded.

  • $10 at Printers Cafe. This should get your day started of on the right foot er, pedal!
  • Deli sandwich from the Driftwood Deli that makes some of the best deli sandwiches in town!
  • A burrito from Como Esta Taqueria. This should keep you fueled up!
  • Two slices of pizza from Pizza My Heart. One for you and one for a friend!
  • A double scoop from Rick’s Ice Cream on us!

So there it is, a Taste of Palo Alto, which is also a tour of Palo Alto and we hope you will one of the lucky winners! So get out there on your bike and get your card turned in.

Note:  t-shirts available for the first 100 riders.