Getting Started

Welcome to Bike Palo Alto 2019! More info coming soon.

Here’s what to expect, this year at Fairmeadow Elementary School:

Sign in and get a hand stamp. You will need this at each treat or adventure stop to get your treat or to be admitted to the guided experience.

Fill out a waiver form, one for each rider – no exceptions!  Parents: sign for minors in your group.

At the next table, trade your completed waiver for a route map of your choosing. There are four routes, each offering different treats and experiences.

Want to speed up the process? You can pre-register here (soon); also, download the waiver form here, and bring the signed  form with you. (We must receive a completed waiver for every participant.)

Be sure to visit the booths and resource tables at the site:

  • Helmet fitting.
  • Trip planning – Get maps and advice from experienced bicyclists about bike routes to everywhere: work, shopping, parks, and museums. Anywhere you might like to go!
  • Cargo Bike & Bike Equipment Expo – Learn how the right bike equipment makes it safer and easier to bike for shipping, work commutes, carrying children, and more.
  • Safe Routes to School – More than half of PAUSD children walk or bike to school every day. Get school route and safety information so you can too!
  • Velofix – Get quick mechanical adjustments to help keep your bike ride safe and smooth.
  • Head out for your Bike Palo Alto adventure!

On the Road

First and foremost: Please follow all traffic laws. Bicyclists are expected to follow the same traffic laws as automobile drivers and may be ticketed if they do not. This includes stopping at stop signs and yielding to others who have the right of way.

Each route is marked with color-coded arrows to guide you along the way. At each stop you choose, show your hand stamp for free treats and activities.

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